Miss Gee is a Lesbian Lifestyle Dominant Leather Woman, current member of the North GA M/s D/s community, Women in Leather Atlanta (WiLA), and leads an educational group. Some have described her as Leather and Levi with lace mixed in. Master/Slave power exchange, protocol and ritual feed her soul. She has been a lifelong athlete and brings that level of commitment and energy to her scenes. Kinetic movement is incorporated into her unique style of flogging and all forms of impact play. Miss Gee loves the power exchange of a scene with chemistry and passion that results in the bottom flying into space. Trivia Question: Why does Miss Gee do impact play with both hands when she isn’t ambidextrous?

Miss_Gee on Fetlife.com


MsGeeWila on Facebook.com


She will be co hosting the 1763 Georgia Femme Domme Nights again in 2017

The group can be found here:

2017 Georgia Femme Domme event dates:

Lifestyle Workshops I lead:

Flogging 101

This class will help to remove some of the difficulty of selecting, practicing with and using a flogger for the first time. Topics will include: Flogger selection and care, Safety issues, safe target zones, simple and basic throwing techniques, sensation play, Practice and play strategies. I will lead a hands-on workshop which will cover these simple techniques and will allow beginners to move beyond the desire to use a flogger in SM play, to feeling confident playing with a partner.
This will be a hands-on class, so please bring your own floggers if you have them.

Intermediate Power Flogging

Learn how to take your flogging to the next level. Learn the theory behind coaxing the endorphin loads out of bottom. How to create and maintain a connection with you partner. Introduction to power strikes, how to use two floggers as a double. How to use stingy sensations coupled with thuddy ones to send the bottom into sub space. You will be exposed to 4 point flogging..

This will be a hands-on class, so please bring your own floggers, especially twins for the one-on-one training if you have them.

Freestyle Spanking and Punching

Channel your inner tomboy for freestyle spanking and punching. Take your impact play to the next level.


Learn how to do an entire scene with just one toy. The versatile Dragontail can be used to caress, can simulate other implements and can deliver an 800 mph crack.

How to Find a Mentor

Identify if you need one and in exactly what areas of your life or lifestyle, how to find and petition the right person and how to design your mentor/protege relationship so it is beneficial to both parties. What to expect as either mentor or protege and when to prematurely end it.

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